‘Sleepless’ is the word for Classic Crossword Scratch-off Winners

Lucky Maryland Lottery instant ticket delivers $10,000 prize

216-Classic-Crossword-ITVM_P1-pinkA routine Friday afternoon took a turn for the better when a lucky Baltimore woman scratched a $10,000 win on the Maryland Lottery’s Classic Crossword instant ticket.

The 64-year-old player and her husband enjoy playing scratch-offs together. They typically purchase a batch of scratch-offs, split them up and play them later. The 60-year-old husband prefers bingo scratch-off games while his wife enjoys crossword games.

On this particular day, he fell asleep while his wife scratched her share of instant tickets purchased at Garrison Liquors located at 2906 Garrison Boulevard in Baltimore. To her surprise, the Classic Crossword scratch-off revealed a $10,000 prize!

“I was just getting into a good nap, when she woke me up,” the husband said.

“He jumped right out of the bed and I showed him (the ticket),” said his wife. “We couldn’t believe it!”

Excitement over the win ended any possibility of further napping so the couple ventured out to try to claim their small fortune. However, because of the size of the win, none of their local retailers could cash the ticket. They realized it was too late to visit Lottery headquarters in Baltimore so the couple endured a restless weekend. On Monday, they arrived at Lottery headquarters in plenty of time to claim their prize.

They plan to apply their winnings toward a couple of mortgage payments, pay some small bills and enjoy a night of fun at Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.

The Classic Crossword game launched on July 27 across the state and has two puzzles for extended-play fun. The $5 scratch-off still has all four $50,000 top prizes waiting for discovery along with 14 more $10,000 prizes.