Snowbirds Score $50,000 Win on Powerball Ticket Bought in Chesapeake City

Loyal Lottery player wins third-tier prize in Sept. 29 drawing

A pair of snowbirds who split their year between Florida and Maryland’s Eastern Shore picked up a third-tier Powerball prize that will go toward a new set of wheels.

The wife is the main player in the family, and is meticulous about making sure she has her Powerball tickets.

“I had been playing for a year when Powerball first came out,” she explains. One day, when the drawing was coming up, she planned to buy a ticket late in the day. However, she got stuck in traffic in Pennsylvania on the way home from a dance event and didn’t get a ticket for that drawing. At the time, she was using a family member’s birthday for her lucky numbers. That night, the birthday numbers hit.

“I would have won $10 million!” she recounted, while sitting in the Maryland Lottery Winner’s Circle with her husband.

Since then, she has not missed a drawing but has changed her usual numbers to a different set of favorites. This big win came on a ticket for three drawings bought at a Cecil County liquor store, Bennett’s Thrifty Liquors located at 2852 Augustine Herman Highway in Chesapeake City. Her winning combination was 7, 11, 17, 32 and 11. The only number she missed was 2.

In the future, the Lottery fan will continue playing not only Powerball but also Mega Millions, Multi-Match, Cash4Life, and scratch-offs. “I play everything! It’s pure entertainment,” she said.

The $50,000 prize is going toward a new set of wheels. The snowbirds’ car, which has been acting up lately, had the couple talking about getting a new one so this big win seals the deal.