Son’s Gift Delivers $100,000 Scratch-off Win to Glen Burnie Mom

First top prize claimed for Bingo X10 game

An Anne Arundel County woman who has loved Maryland Lottery scratch-off games for many years loves them even more now – about 100,000 times more. She is the first to visit Lottery headquarters with a $100,000 top-prize-winning Bingo X10 ticket, a game that’s been on retailer shelves for only a week.

While the Lottery supplied the ticket – with the help of retailer Doc’s Liquors in Glen Burnie – it was the lucky winner’s son who picked it out. And he did so in a way that was different from previous Lottery purchases.

“He knows that I love scratch tickets so whenever he comes over, he brings me a few,” the proud and excited winner explained.  “He’s a good son,” she added with a look that made it clear she had made that determination long before the big win.

“I usually spend $10 on the tickets, a handful of $1 and $2 games,” her son said, adding that last week’s purchase was different for reasons he cannot explain.  “I really can’t tell you why. As I stood there at the counter I just decided to put the $10 on one ticket.”

Disbelief flooded over the Glen Burnie resident when she scratched her Bingo X10 ticket.  “I said, ‘Look at this, look at this. Oh, my goodness,’” calling her son to help her determine if what she was seeing was real. The 78-year-old winner was overjoyed when her son scanned the ticket with the Maryland Lottery app and confirmed the $100,000 win. “I was so nervous about it I just couldn’t sit still. I went outside and mowed the grass.”

Home remodeling is first on the to-do list for the $100,000 winner.  “I have two pretty big projects I was considering for the house,” she said. “I couldn’t decide which was more important.  Now I can do both.”

Our winner’s lucky lottery store, Doc’s Liquors at 7067 B&A Boulevard in Glen Burnie, will receive a $1,000 bonus for selling the lucky ticket. The Bingo X10 ticket still has six more unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, 15 unclaimed $10,000 prizes, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.