South Baltimore Trio Shocked by Scratch-off Win

50X The Cash delivers $10,000 prize

Three longtime friends who described themselves to be “as close as family” had an extraordinary day when they met up for lunch on May 1 at the Cross Street Market in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood.

A celebration that came courtesy of a $10,000 prize on a 50x The Cash scratch-off ticket was seemingly shared with everyone within a three-block radius.

One of the three winners, a retired food service manager, described the scene after the group bought and scratched the ticket at the Cross 10 Grocery, located at 1065 South Charles Street.

“My friend who scratched it passed the ticket to me with a stricken look on her face,” she said.  “I looked at it, showed it to our other friend, and almost passed out.  I just about couldn’t breathe.”

All three had previously played 50X The Cash tickets, so they were immediately able to identify the $10,000 win.

“One of us was jumping, one was crying and the other shouting,” one of the lucky winners said.  “We attracted some attention.”

The store was soon crowded with people hoping to share the exciting moment.

“The owner and the customers, and people just walking by were shaking our hands and wishing us well,” she said. “Everyone was happy for us.”

50X The Cash tickets went on sale in January and still have plenty of big prizes remaining, including five unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, seven $50,000 winners and 19 more of the $10,000 winning tickets that caused such a happy uproar in Federal Hill this week.