Special Numbers Lead to a $1 Million Powerball Prize

Cockeysville Couple Celebrate Powerball Second-Tier Win

Forget about birthday blues! A Cockeysville couple who recently celebrated their birthdays are rolling in the green after playing the numbers for their new ages in the Nov. 9 Powerball drawing. The smiling duo quietly claimed their second-tier Powerball prize of $1 million and plan to keep quiet about their good fortune.

These Powerball regulars have special numbers they like to play, such as their birth dates, numbers like “7” they consider lucky and their ages. Following their routine, they bought their ticket Friday for the Nov. 9 and Nov. 13 drawings. They didn’t check the winning numbers of Saturday’s drawing until Monday, which was Veterans Day.

“I was resting because I was off work when I asked him if he had checked the numbers,” said the 49-year-old woman, who is a psychologist. “I knew we had just changed the numbers and I was curious.”

Her husband, a sales and marketing executive, went online to the Lottery’s website and checked the numbers one by one. “Are my eyes deceiving me?” he said to his wife when he saw the first five numbers on the website and the ticket matched.

Because Lottery headquarters was closed on Monday to observe Veterans Day, the couple waited to claim the prize. “We could not get up here fast enough,” said the wife, smiling.

Married 25 years, they just celebrated their silver anniversary. They plan to use the winnings to help family members and will donate to their church, pay bills and, if possible, make a down payment on a new home. They bought the winning ticket at the Food Lion at 122 Cranbrook Road in Cockeysville.