Split-Second Decision Leads to $50,000 Lottery Win

Frederick retiree wins prize on new Gold Rush X50 scratch-off

Every so often, when stopping at Wawa for coffee, a Frederick man picks up a few Maryland Lottery instant tickets. He did just that yesterday afternoon, and scratched his way to a $50,000 Gold Rush X50 win.

The 69-year-old retiree stopped at the store and purchased five $2 scratch-offs. He won a total of $5 from those instant tickets and decided to buy another scratch-off.

“I had done some research on the website and knew that the Gold Rush ticket still had a lot of prizes remaining,” he told Lottery officials while celebrating his big win in the Lottery Winner’s Circle. “I decided to get that scratch-off from the Lottery vending machine.”

He was about to push the button on the screen for the $10 Gold Rush X50 scratch-off when he realized he had two choices.

“I noticed the other spot (in the machine) for the same ticket, and decided to try that one instead,” he said. “If I had gone with the other one, I probably would not be sitting here (in the Winner’s Circle) today.”

The Lottery fan scratched only the “check prize” box on the instant ticket and scanned it. When he read that he had to bring the ticket to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize, he left the store and went to his car. He then scratched the rest of his instant ticket to reveal the $50,000 prize.

When asked what his response was once he saw the prize, the Frederick County man said, “Holy cow!” The lucky player went home to show the winning scratch-off to his wife, who he said is still “numb.”

The winner plans to share some of his prize with his daughter and save the rest. He found his scratch-off at Wawa #8513-E located at 1001 W. Patrick St. in Frederick.

The Gold Rush X50 instant ticket is part of the Gold Rush Family of Games that went on sale May 20. The Gold Rush X50 game has seven $100,000 top prizes and 11 $50,000 prizes remaining. Other games in the family are the $1 Gold Rush X5, $2 Gold Rush X10, $5 Gold Rush X20 and $20 Gold Rush X100 scratch-offs. Strike gold with any of these fun games and take home top prizes of $1,000 to $1 million!