‘Sporty’ Ready for Travel after $50,000 Lottery Win

This avid Lottery player landed his lucky Bonus Match 5 top-prize win on a $2 quick-pick ticket.

Bonus Match 5 ticket he bought at ‘lucky’ store delivers top prize

A Hanover man and his wife who enjoy traveling can thank the Maryland Lottery — and Lady Luck — every time they pack their suitcases for many trips to come. They plan to finance future vacations around the country and the world with a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prize.

The lucky winner, who dubbed himself “Sporty,” won the big prize on a quick-pick ticket in the Aug. 6 drawing.

“I’m still in shock,” said “Sporty’s” wife as they sat in the Winner’s Circle at Lottery headquarters. “I refused to believe it until we were here to claim the prize.”

“Sporty” and his wife were checking on their daughter’s house in Anne Arundel County when he recalled hearing there was a “lucky” Lottery retailer along the way. “He says, ‘Let’s go by Downs Park because there’s a lucky 7-Eleven down there,” the wife recalled. The loyal Lottery player went into 7-Eleven #20871J at 4730 Mountain Road in Pasadena, bought a $2 quick-pick ticket for the Aug. 6 drawing and then they went on their way.

The hospital technician, who was working during the drawing, waited until he arrived home to check the winning Bonus Match 5 numbers on his phone. “Sporty” found his wife researching passport requirements online.

“I’m sitting at the kitchen typing and he walks over and says, ‘You know, I always told you I’d hit big one day.’ I’m not looking up. I’m still typing. He’s nervous. He’s serious. He walks over with his phone and shows me and it says, ‘$50,000,’” she said. “I didn’t believe it.”

The parents of two and grandparents of one plan to spend their prize on travel.

Sharing in the fun — and the financial gain — of the big win is the lucky Lottery retailer. The Anne Arundel County convenience store earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize-winning ticket in the game.