Spouses Debate Size of Lottery Win All the Way to Headquarters

Crossword Deluxe scratch-off delivers $10,000 prize 

261-Crossword-Deluxe-ITVMBarbara Savage of Baltimore is a frequent player of Maryland Lottery games, buying at least one ticket a week for as long back as she can remember. The retired textile worker was speechless when her Crossword Deluxe scratch-off delivered a $10,000 win until her spouse disputed the ticket’s winning status!

The 71-year-old found her lucky game at Woodlawn Shell located at 6600 Security Boulevard in Baltimore. She told Lottery officials that she must have studied her $10 ticket for 30 minutes before becoming convinced of her good fortune. “I just knew that what I was seeing couldn’t be right, that I was missing something.”

She sought out her husband to share her happy news and that’s when the disagreement began. “He refused to believe it,” she said. “He looked and looked at it, trying to find some small print somewhere that I wasn’t seeing. He didn’t find anything.”

The couple arrived at Lottery headquarters with polar opposite opinions on how the visit would go.

“It wasn’t until the Lottery official congratulated us on the win that he finally gave in,” she said. “He was positive that it was a losing ticket. Now he’s finally convinced.”

Crossword Deluxe debuted in March and so far has delivered two of its six $100,000 top prizes to lucky players. There are 14 more $10,000 winning tickets still in stores.

The couple plans to put the winnings toward several home improvement projects they’ve been contemplating. While Barbara will keep playing Lottery games, she has no plans to change her play schedule. “This pattern has worked for me,” she said. “I’m sticking with it.”