St. Mary’s County Fisherman Catches the $75,000 Keno with J.O. Prize

Thomas Long - Keno with J.O.

St. Mary’s County fisherman Thomas Long of Avenue won $75,000 and an
autographed helmet by playing Keno with J.O. at the
Leonardtown Grille in Leonardtown.

Player Almost Loses Big Win

A mere $75,000 almost slipped off the hook of a 44-year-old St. Mary’s County fisherman. He was out celebrating his parent’s anniversary and almost left a winning Keno with J.O. bonus match-up coupon behind on the table to be thrown out in the garbage.

Winner Thomas Long of Avenue plays Keno from time to time. His dad encouraged him to play this day. Thomas was not familiar with the Keno with J.O. promotion and, in the past, had thrown many coupons away. It almost happened again. “I balled it up and threw the coupon back on the table, but my dad urged me to keep it,” Thomas said.

Later, news spread in the community that a winning bonus coupon came from the Leonardtown Grille, where he had celebrated with his parents. “Everyone was talking about it,” Thomas said. “And, while at work yesterday, I was thinking it could be me, but could I have thrown out the ticket?”

Thomas, an electrician, rushed home to find the bonus coupon balled up with some change on his dresser. He checked the coupon number and discovered he won the $75,000 top prize that also includes a football helmet autographed by retired Ravens tackle Jonathan Ogden.

The lucky winner also won over $24,000 in a May fishing tournament and split the prize with two others. Having two big catches in three months makes for a happy angler.

The father of two daughters plans to use some of the winnings toward his oldest daughter’s wedding. Thomas also said he will take a trip, help his family and save the rest of the winnings.

The four-week Keno with J.O. promotion that celebrates Ogden’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame winds down Aug. 4 with the final drawing. Each week, the Lottery selects winners for three $7,500 prizes and one $75,000 prize. One lucky person will win field passes to the Nov. 24 Ravens-Jets game to see Ogden receive his ring.

The Leonardtown Grille is located at 25470 Point Lookout Road in Leonardtown.