Stars Align when Lucky Lottery Scratch-off Winner Fuels Up

Baltimore County woman pumps up $40 win into $33,000 prize

168-Triple-Tripler-ITVMA predawn stop to buy gas fueled a Baltimore County woman’s hopes of turning $40 in Maryland Lottery scratch-off winnings into a far bigger prize. She pumped those winnings into the purchase of seven more $3 scratch-offs and got a $33,000 surprise.

“All the stars must have aligned,” said the 55-year-old, who was astonished by her win. “I couldn’t believe it! I was smiling from ear to ear.”

Her journey to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore followed a series of small, ordinary decisions. Her husband, who had balked at driving to Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore because of cold, icy weather, finally decided they could make the trip. Then, while on the road, the Reisterstown residents noticed their vehicle needed gas. Our lucky winner suggested her spouse of 40 years stop at one of the many gas stations along their route but he nixed that idea. The task would wait for their trip home.

Hours later, as the couple left the casino around 4 a.m., the woman remembered having $40 in winning scratch-offs to cash. They made a swift detour to Royal Farms #138 at 1530 Russell Street so they could cash her tickets. Inside, she decided to buy seven of the $3 Triple Tripler scratch-offs. That decision led to the $33,000 top prize.

The happy winner was so excited that she couldn’t sleep after that. She plans to enjoy her winnings during her already planned vacation to Singapore.

The Royal Farms also benefits from her purchase. For selling the top-prize ticket, the retailer receives a bonus of $330. One top prize is still unclaimed on the Triple Tripler scratch-off.