Stay-at-Home Mom Wins Player’s Club Top Prize

Player's ClubThe shock still apparent on her face, a Bowie woman claimed a $1 million prize won while playing the Lottery’s Player’s Club scratch-off.  She’d known she had a winning ticket for several days, but not until Friday afternoon did she learn just how much luck had come her way.

The winner was visiting with her sister and some friends earlier this week when the conversation turned to the Lottery.  “One of my friends had won $3,000 a few days earlier,” she told officials.  “It made all of us excited to play.”  The group stopped by Lewisdale Market, located at 7701 23rd Avenue in Hyattsville to try their luck.  “I chose a game I’d never played before – I wanted to try something new.”  That decision and that Player’s Club ticket turned out to be two of the best decisions the Bowie woman has ever made.

The friends returned home to play their games and, upon scratching, our winner recognized that she’d won money, but was unsure about the total.  She and her friends read the rules carefully but were still undecided.  “I think we were afraid to think it was the top prize, the $1 million.”  Today’s visit to the Lottery’s claim center ended the confusion.  “I’m in shock – a very happy shock.”  Paying bills and preparing for an amazing Christmas for her family are her priorities right now.  She told officials that she’ll focus on the future after the holidays.