Stepson’s Scratch-off Advice Leads to $50,000 Prize

Frederick man wins big on $20 Monopoly game

A lifelong Maryland Lottery scratch-off player who loves $5 games took his stepson’s advice last week and tried his luck with a $20 instant ticket. Not only did the Frederick man win on both of his Monopoly scratch-offs — he won big!

The great-grandfather of four and grandfather of seven bought his lucky instant tickets at Brown’s Liquors & Deli in Frederick. He scratched both games off in the store. To his surprise, the 59-year-old retiree won $100 on the first game and then landed a $50,000 prize on the second scratch-off.

“I hollered out, too, believe me,” he said. The Frederick County man, who is friends with the store’s owner, said his shouts of happiness attracted her attention. “She came over and asked, ‘Did you buy that here?’” he said. “She made me sign it on the back right away.”

The happy player’s next task was sharing his good news with his wife. Because he is always joking around with her, she thought he was kidding. “She said, ‘I won’t believe it until I see it!’’’

The father of four, who spent a career working at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, isn’t sure yet what he and his wife will do with the windfall. They’ve told a daughter about their Lottery luck but not the stepson who suggested the winner try a $20 game. The couple will probably just keep quiet about the prize and put it in the bank, the winner said.

Although Brown’s Liquors & Deli isn’t one of his two regular Lottery retailers, it is one of his favorites. The store is located at 908 East Patrick Street.

The Monopoly scratch-off is packed with winners. There are still two unclaimed $1 million top prizes, four more $50,000 prizes and seven $10,000 prizes.