Stevensville Man Claims ‘Blockbuster’ $30,000 Prize

Final Top-prize on Cinema Cash Scratch-off Claimed

Luck seemed to come in threes for an Eastern Shore Lottery player, leading him to the final $30,000 top prize on the Cinema Cash scratch-off. The 67-year-old plays Pick 3 regularly, and says that he purchased the Cinema Cash ticket simply because he had just enough for the three dollar game in his pocket.

“You don’t believe it when you first see it. You say to yourself, ‘This can’t be,’” said the winner, describing the moment when he scratched the ticket to reveal the prize. Although he’s a classic car hobbyist, the lucky winner said his prize will go to something more important, helping his two sons with a portion of the winnings. The winning ticket was purchased at Bullock’s Deli on Campground Road in Denton.

Although the top prizes on the ticket have been claimed, players can still enter the second-chance contest by mailing in two non-winning Cinema Cash tickets.  For details, visit