Stocking Stuffer Prize Used to buy $100,000 Powerball Winner

“Happy Winners” strike an incognito pose after claiming a $100,000 Powerball prize, made possible in part by a previous smaller win.

For years, a couple from Pasadena has been playing the numbers on Mega Millions and Powerball, but it wasn’t until the holiday season in 2018 when they got two presents in a row from the Maryland Lottery: a stocking stuffer followed by a $100,000 Powerball win.

“I play every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday,” said the male half of the pair who prefer to be known as “Happy Winners.”

“He buys the tickets,” his wife says. They’ve been playing for years, and have won small amounts in the past.

“The most I won before was $12. I cashed it in to buy this one,” the 54-year-old ticket buyer said. He had bought the $12 winner just before Christmas and what followed was a short series of fortunate events.

“I wasn’t going to stop,” he said, but then there was a need at home for milk. He went to the C-Mart & Tobacco Stop at 8039-A Fort Smallwood Road in Curtis Bay. Proceeds from the $12 winner in hand, he bought a gallon of milk and a single Powerball ticket for the Dec. 26 drawing with the Power Play option. He only ever buys one ticket per drawing. He put the ticket in his pocket and didn’t give it another thought until Dec. 30.

When he finally checked his numbers, it turned out he hit four of the five white balls plus the Power Ball. Choosing the Power Play option, an extra $1, turned what would have been a $50,000 winner into $100,000 score.

“Happy Winners” have pragmatic plans for the proceeds.

“We’re going to pay off all our bills and be bill-free,” the husband said. This includes the loan on a new car they recently bought. “Whatever’s left will go in the bank.”

They did do a little celebrating on the evening of Dec. 30 after learning of the win, enjoying a seafood dinner, lobster for her, crab cakes for him.