Store Clerk’s Scratch-off Selection Wins Couple $77,700

Claim Super Slots Instant Ticket Top Prize

Super SlotsIt’s nothing new for a Baltimore husband and wife to scratch their Lottery tickets together. Last week, though, life became more exciting than usual when the Middle River residents scratched their way to a $77,700 Super Slots instant ticket top prize.

As they were buying their scratch-off tickets, the pair asked the clerk at the store to pick out four $5 tickets for them. The clerk, unknowingly, selected a winner! The happy players scratched the tickets in the store and were thrilled when the clerk confirmed their big win.

“It was really exciting,” said the husband, who is retired. “The most we had ever won before was $5,000.”

Their top priority for their winnings is buying and installing a fence to benefit their four-legged companion. “We can’t wait to be able to just let the dog outside in the backyard,” said the wife, a state government employee. Once they receive the check, they said, they’ll decide what to do with the rest of the prize.

They bought their winning ticket at Cheema Brothers BP located at 17 Carroll Island Road in Baltimore. The Super Slots game still has one $77,700 top-prize remaining and other prizes between $5 and $7,000. For a list of prizes remaining on all scratch-off tickets, click here.