Store Sign Reminds Woman to Check Mega Millions Ticket

Security agency employee wins $250,000

A Baltimore woman had no clue she owned a Mega Millions ticket worth $250,000 until she saw a sign posted at the store where she bought it.

The Friday, Aug. 16, drawing had come and gone and the 36-year-old never checked her ticket. Maryland sold two $250,000 second-tier winning Mega Millions tickets and the first set of winners turned up at Maryland Lottery headquarters on Monday, Aug. 19.

“I was at Eutaw Market and saw the ‘We Sold a Winner’ sign,” the woman told Lottery officials. The mother of two teenage children, she buys Lottery tickets several times a month. The $448 million Powerball jackpot of the previous week had spurred the security agency employee to take a chance. “It suddenly occurred to me that I’d bought my ticket at that store. When I returned home, I checked the ticket.”

After comparing her Mega Millions ticket to the winning numbers on the Lottery’s website, she just sat in stunned silence. “I’m a calm person, so I didn’t jump up and down,” she said. “I was shocked, but I carefully checked the numbers over and over to make sure that there was no mistake. When I was finally convinced, I called my dad. That was a fun conversation.”

Other than paying a few bills, she has only one idea for her winnings. “Maybe a Disney trip, my kids would like that,” she said.

Our lucky winner found her Mega Millions good fortune at the Eutaw Market, 1701 Eutaw Place in Baltimore.