Store Visit for Injured Friend Turns into $100,000 Payday Payout

Mt. Airy Man Wins a $100,000 Top Prize Playing 10X Payday Payout Scratch-off

Helping a friend out with a little extra money paid off big for a Mt. Airy man. In over 20 years of working, the man and his wife can’t remember taking more than a couple days off. The coupled decided to take a day off recently to help a friend with a broken arm. When they went to the grocery store for the friend, the hardworking landscaper and housekeeper scratched a 10X Payday Payout scratch-off and won a $100,000 top prize.

When he went back to their friend’s house with the groceries, the 43-year-old was shaking with excitement as he showed them the winning scratch-off. Along with helping with bills and home improvements, the lucky winner said he has some special plans for a portion of the extra money. Since emigrating from El Salvador 22 years ago, he and his wife have only returned home once, and they plan to use the winnings to visit family. The winning ticket was purchased at Best Beer, Wine N Deli on Frederick Avenue in Gaithersburg.