Stories from the Maryland State Fair – Donna Blackwell-Singleton

Donna Blackwell-Singleton - Maryland State Fair

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The 11 Best Days of Summer certainly rings true for a lucky fair-goer who decided to try her hand at Racetrax on opening day at the Maryland State Fair.

Donna Blackwell-Singleton usually plays Maryland Lottery scratch-offs, but for some reason she decided to pick up a Racetrax playslip. She was about to put the playslip away when a Lottery representative asked if she needed anything. Donna explained that she had never played the game before but would be interested in learning.

“The representative showed me how to fill out the card, I placed my bet and we watched to see what happened.”

The Exhibition Hall lobby where she bought her ticket filled with excited shouts moments later when Donna realized that she had won over $600!

“This is just so exciting! I’ve never even played Racetrax before and I won $600!” she said. “It was my birthday yesterday and I celebrated my anniversary the other day. This is a great weekend!”

Donna already has plans for her new funds. “I think I’ll treat my mom to lunch soon,” Donna shared. “I’m feeling pretty lucky. I may even go to the casino.”

Stop by the Lottery’s booth in the Exhibition Hall during the Maryland State Fair for the chance to walk away a winner.