Storm Doesn’t Dampen Bonus Match 5 Doubler Win for Silver Spring Man

Takes home $100,000 taxes-paid prize during Bonus Match 5 Doubler promotion

A Silver Spring man bought his Bonus Match 5 tickets on Thursday. Then on Friday, the sudden storm that blew through Maryland took out his power and his Internet access. Though he often doesn’t check his numbers right away, by Sunday he was extremely curious about his tickets. Unable to go to as he typically would, the 56-year-old went to his local retailer to check to see if he had won anything.  It was there that he received a receipt saying that he had to go to Lottery Headquarters.

First thing Monday morning, he went to the Lottery’s Lanham office only to discover the win was too much to be cashed there. He then proceeded to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore where to his surprise he discovered that he would be receiving a check for the entire $100,000. “I knew the prize was doubled,” he said. “But I had no idea that the taxes were paid.”

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The winner who has had his own construction business for 24 years said he will use his winnings to give someone a job this summer and invest.  The winning ticket was purchased at Cresent Beer Wine, located at 15222 Old Chapel Rd. in Bowie.

During the Bonus Match 5 Doubler promotion, which runs through July 8, players have the chance to double their winnings if they receive the word “Doubler” on the top of their Bonus Match 5 ticket. Plus, the estimated taxes are paid on all top prizes.