Strange Lottery Luck Gives Office Worker a $50,000 Payday

Mother of three wins final top prize on Ultimate Cash scratch-off

228-Ultimate-Cash-ITVMSometimes Lottery luck works in strange ways. A Baltimore office worker who said she rarely plays Maryland Lottery games found that out when she purchased a $5 Ultimate Cash scratch-off.

The customer in front of her at the Hispano American Grocery in Baltimore initially considered purchasing two $5 Ultimate Cash instant tickets, but then told the clerk he wanted only one. When our lucky player stepped up to the register, she decided to buy the ticket that the other customer left behind. That ticket was the last $50,000 top-prize winner in the Ultimate Cash game.

The 36-year-old scratched the ticket in the store and thought it was only worth $50. After showing it to family and friends, however, she realized that she had just won the largest Lottery prize of her life. The mother of three and her husband have been married 17 years and said they have no special plans for their prize money. They will put it in the bank and use it for their children’s needs.

The Hispano American Grocery, located at 100 South Highland Avenue, is a winner as well. The retailer will receive a $500 bonus – equal to 1 percent of the prize value – for selling a top-prize-winning scratch-off. Ultimate Cash launched in August, and this was the last of six $50,000 top prizes claimed.