Stranger’s Advice Brings Lottery Luck

$30,000 Scratch Win for Pikesville Man

A young man from Northwest Baltimore knew that he wanted to play a Maryland Lottery scratch-off, but found it difficult deciding which one would give him the best odds. While pondering his decision, he heard a voice telling him to play the Thrilling 3’s game.  The source of that voice?  Not his mom who was nearby, but a woman in line behind him.  His decision to heed that advice paid off moments later with a $30,000 Thrilling 3’s top prize win.

“I looked at the ticket and saw what I thought was a win,” the man told Lottery officials. “Just to be sure I asked my mom to take a look – when she did, she started crying.”  After confirming the win with the cashier, he began to celebrate with the other customers in the store.

When the time came to call family and friends with the news, they found that quite a few people doubted his story.  “Nobody believed us,” he said.

The 19-year-old is excited to take his Thrilling 3’s winnings and trade them in for his first car. “I’m going to start looking tomorrow,” he said with a big grin.  The winning ticket was purchased from the Mall Spirits store at 6630 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.