Strategy and Dedication Result in Win for Prince George’s County Man

Henry Bourne - Bonus Match 5

Upper Marlboro resident Henry Bourne shows off his $50,000 win.

Wins $50,000 on Bonus Match 5

Henry Bourne, a building supervisor from Upper Marlboro, is a devoted Lottery player with a careful method when choosing his numbers. Bourne purchased several tickets last Friday, put them in his wallet and forgot about them. Unbeknownst to him, the Bonus Match 5 ticket in his wallet was worth $50,000.

Bourne told Lottery officials that he always checks to see what numbers haven’t been lucky in a while before playing, “I chose these numbers after seeing they hadn’t been called in a long time. I figured that would be a good strategy.” After checking his ticket on the Lottery website six days later, Bourne realized just how well his strategy worked. “As I was checking my ticket at work, I saw I had one match, then two, then three,” he told Lottery officials. “I was shaking when I realized all five numbers matched.”

Now that Bourne has won big, he plans to continue playing the Lottery at the restaurant where he purchased his winning ticket. “I was buying tickets somewhere else, but I think I found my new lucky spot,” said the father of one. “I play every day, so hopefully I can win something like this again.”

The lucky winner plans to use his winnings to pay off some bills and take a couple of days off work. “I can’t wait to get away for a well-deserved weekend,” said Bourne happily.  The winning ticket was purchased at Tucker’s Restaurant, located at 9205 Marlboro Pike in Upper Marlboro.