Suitland Man Takes Home Two $50,000 Prizes

George Murrell Jr. - Bonus Match 5

George Murrell Jr. claimed not one, but two $50,000 Bonus Match 5 prizes!

Wins two Bonus Match 5 prizes using Quick Pick for the first time

George Murrell Jr. recently read a story about a man from Western Maryland who had quite a bit of luck using Quick Pick numbers. That convinced him to choose the Quick Pick option while purchasing a couple Bonus Match 5 tickets a few days ago. Instead of playing his usual numbers, the Suitland resident bought one Quick Pick ticket and another with the exact same numbers. Luck would have it that the first time he tried this new method was the first time he won the $50,000 top-tier prize — twice!

The 70-year-old was waiting for his wife to come home Friday evening when he decided to go on the Lottery’s website to check the winning numbers. Immediately, George scrambled to find his tickets so that he could compare them to what he saw online. “As soon as I saw the numbers on the screen, I knew they looked familiar,” he said. “I had to count the numbers like I was in grade school. Sure enough, they matched — I had all five!”

When his wife returned home, she told him about her unlucky evening at the bingo hall and was met with some unbelievable news. “I told him how close I was to winning $600 when he said that he won something big,” she told Lottery officials. “He’s a trickster, so I didn’t really believe him. I really thought he was showing me a fake website or fake tickets!” After quite a bit of explaining, Murrell was finally able to convince his wife that they had won $100,000.

George and his wife plan to pay off some bills with the winnings and are hoping to win their next jackpot soon. The lucky tickets were purchased at the 7-11 at 6404 Auth Rd. in Suitland and at the Clinton Crossing Exxon at 8915 Woodyard Rd in Clinton.