Super Win with Super Gems

Stephen Garvin - Super Gems

Stephen Garvin smiles about his Gem of a win.

$50,000 Top Prize Scratch-off Winner

Last Friday, Stephen Garvin bought a Super Gems scratch-off ticket and scratched it only to find it was a non-winning ticket. Not content to end on a negative note, Stephen purchased a second Super Gems ticket. “I always play the same ticket until I win,” Mr Garvin said matter-of-factly. The Dorchester resident proceeded to scratch this one with much different results. As he began revealing numerous $1,000 winning prizes, he said to himself, “It’s not $5,000. It’s not $10,000.” No, it wasn’t, he had actually won the $50,000 Super Gem top prize.

The 63-year-old admitted, “I was kinda in shock.” The news quickly spread throughout the store and throughout the small town. Mr. Garvin, an employee of Dorchester County Emergency Management, said he even got a visit from the County Manager. “She came to talk to me about something else, but then asked me about a phone call mentioning that I had won the lottery,” said Stephen.

Although everyone seemed to know about his good fortune, the winner was able to share the exciting new with his son. “I told him and he said, ‘Yeah, right dad.’”

Mentioning that it’s been a hard couple of years, Stephen intends to use his newfound wealth to catch up on bills and help his son and his teenage granddaughter. He may also buy some furniture and put money away for the future. His Super Gems scratch-off ticket was purchased at Ocean Highway Exxon at 324 Sunburst Hwy. in Cambridge.