Superfecta Play Signs, Seals & Delivers $32,607 Win for Mail Carrier

Largest Racetrax Superfecta Win Since Betting Option’s Debut

Four lucky horses crossed the finish line in the right order to sign, seal and deliver a $32,607 Maryland Lottery Racetrax win to a retired Silver Spring mail carrier.

The Superfecta bet purchased at the Brentwood Sunoco at 3730 Rhode Island Avenue led to the Lottery’s largest Superfecta win. On April 21, the game added three Superfecta and three Exacta bet options and reduced the price of Trifecta Box and Trifecta Wheel bets. The 68-year-old senior began playing the Superfecta after its debut and found himself staring at a winning result only a week later.

“I bought a random [quick pick] Superfecta for five races and won on the second race,” said the winner. This loyal Racetrax player has many favorite area Racetrax retailers, but Brentwood Sunoco gets his stamp of approval for many reasons. “They have good service and provide a comfortable place to play,” he said, adding, “I feel like the clerk gave me good luck!”

As for his winnings, the Hyattsville resident plans to patch up “Old Faithful,” his trusty Ford pickup truck, put the bulk of his prize into savings and deliver a nice tip to his lucky clerk at the Sunoco. He vowed to keep playing so he can return to Lottery headquarters. “Next time, my prize is going to be much bigger,” he said.