Supreme Prize for Crofton Man

Wins $77,777 Playing the Supreme 7s Scratch-Off

A trip to 7-11 on Sunday afternoon proved supremely gratifying for a Crofton man. The 27-year-old bought two Supreme 7s scratch-offs during his visit to the convenience store. “I buy them here and there,” said the man, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by his father. “My dad is the big Lottery fan,” he added. His father then interjected with a laugh, “The most I’ve won is $1,000.”
The lucky occasional player took the tickets home where he scratched them to reveal his win. “I had to read the directions two or three times,” said the government employee. “Then I had my dad look at the ticket.” After close inspection, his father proclaimed, “You won the top prize.”

The ecstatic winner said that he was jumping up and down and quickly ran upstairs to tell his brother-in-law about his good fortune. “We started to think of places to hide the ticket,” said the man.
The news was also shared with his mother and brother, but otherwise, the winner intends to keep his windfall a family secret.

The family theme extends to his plans for the money. “I’m going to pay off student loans and maybe spoil the family a bit,” he said. The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 Store, located at 2046 Davidsonville Rd. in Crofton.