Surprise, Shock Rocks Retiree after Back-to-back Scratch-Off Wins

Buys two lucky instant tickets at same time to win $10,050

A Silver Spring retiree who had steaks in mind when he headed to a Shoppers grocery in Wheaton bagged an extra treat – two super lucky Super Crossword scratch-offs.

Winning $50 on the first $10 scratch-off was a surprise. Winning $10,000 on the second scratch-off: simply shocking!

“I’ve never won anything this big before,” he said. “I’m feeling extremely shocked by now. I had no idea I’d be $10,000 richer today.”

The lucky player, who worked as an assembly technician before retirement, said that he’d use most of his prize to pay down his debt.

The Super Crossword game still has three unclaimed $100,000 top prizes and 16 more $10,000 prizes, in addition to thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000. Stop by our winner’s lucky retailer, Shoppers #2371 located at 2201 Randolph Road in Wheaton, to try your luck.