Surprise Win for West Baltimore Man

Claims $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

When one of our most recent Bonus Match 5 top-tier winners first inspected his ticket, he was pleased to see that he’d matched four of the winning numbers, which would have been a $400 win. With a second glance, however, he saw he that he had actually matched all five numbers. His $400 prize had quickly turned into $50,000.

The custodial worker, who is employed at a downtown hospital, called his daughters with the news. Then, he tried to fall asleep. “I was just too excited about the whole thing,” said the 69-year-old.”

Using his Bonus Match 5 winnings towards a down payment, the winner will soon be on the market for a new home. Wherever he moves, though, his favorite place to get Lottery tickets will be The Store at 6500 Frederick Road in Baltimore.