Sykesville Resident Becomes State’s 1st ‘Powerball Millionaire’ of 2017

The “Powerball Millionaire” from Sykesville claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters on Feb. 21.

Grandfather of five picks good time to try his lucky numbers on Powerball

A Carroll County retiree who doesn’t play Powerball all that often picked a good time to give the game a shot. Using a special set of numbers that includes his wife’s birthday, he won a $1 million prize in the Feb. 18 drawing. He is the first Maryland player to win a second-tier Powerball prize in 2017.

The Sykesville resident said he’s been a regular Mega Millions player since that game first went on sale in Maryland in 1996. Last week, he decided to switch games and use his Mega Millions numbers for his Powerball tickets.

“I’ve probably played Powerball three times before – when the jackpot gets real high,” the lucky winner said. “I told myself I’d try it two times, Wednesday and Saturday, and if I didn’t hit that would be it. I’d go back to Mega Millions.”

After buying his ticket on Feb. 18 at the High’s store in Sykesville, he didn’t find out he’d won until he visited the store again the following Monday.

“I walked in and the girl remembered I was the one who had played those numbers,” he said. “I got a few hugs, but I didn’t get too excited.”

The jitters came later that night, knowing that he was headed to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore the next day to claim the prize.

“I didn’t sleep so good,” he said with a smile.

The winner, who dubbed himself the “Powerball Millionaire,” said he plans to share his good fortune with his three adult children, his five grandchildren and his sister. And, he has one special plan for himself.

“I’m going to buy a new car – a new Chevy,” he said.

The 82-year-old was one of nine players across the country who won second-tier Powerball prizes in the Feb. 18 drawing. Three of those players doubled their prizes to $2 million because they paid an extra $1 to add the Power Play option to their tickets.

The lucky Carroll County retailer also shares in the fun. For selling a second-tier winning Powerball ticket, High’s #91 located at 10 Liberty Road in Sykesville earns a $2,500 bonus from the Lottery.