Taneytown Husband and Wife Add $50,000 Powerball Prize to Retirement Fund

Couple planning to continue playing jackpot games in search of big score

A husband and wife from Taneytown who have played Powerball and Mega Millions for years say they were thrilled to win a $50,000 Powerball prize in the Nov. 9 drawing but it really won’t have much of an effect on their lives.

“We don’t have any grand plans,” the husband proclaimed, with his wife finishing the thought, “We do have a lot of grandchildren.”

That said, the grandchildren already are pampered by their grandparents, who thoroughly enjoy being retired and doing the things they want to do. They plan to roll the $50,000 prize into their general retirement plan.

Typically, they buy their tickets at the Liquor Barn located at 520 East Baltimore Street in Taneytown and the winning ticket was no exception. Winning came as something of a surprise. The wife usually checks the tickets on the morning after the drawing. On Nov. 10, however, she was busy and didn’t check the ticket until that evening.

“When I did check, I couldn’t believe it,” she recalled. She called her husband in to look at the numbers because, in the past, their winnings were in the $2 or $4 range.

The winners may enjoy a celebratory dinner featuring crab cakes. They do plan to continue playing in hopes of scoring an even bigger prize. Another player they are friendly with recently won $1 million on a scratch-off after having won other five-digit prizes prior to the big score.