Taneytown Team Wins $100,000 Jackpot

Couple wins top-prize on Diamonds scratch-off

DiamondsA Taneytown couple will forever remember 2013 as the year of major milestones: a graduation, their upcoming sixth wedding anniversary, a new job for him, the purchase of their first home and, now, the end of financial insecurity.

The duo won the top prize of $100,000 in the Maryland Lottery’s Diamonds scratch-off promotion. They met several years ago when they worked at an area Blockbuster store and, over time, developed a system for playing scratch-offs. The IT specialist relies on his wife to pick out a ticket. “She always picks them out because I’m not as lucky,” he said.

She picked the winning $10 Diamonds scratch-off because, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and it sparkles,” she said. After purchasing the ticket, she scratched it at the store. When she saw that one of her lucky numbers matched the jackpot prize, she quietly left the store to call her husband.

He will certainly never forget that phone call. “She said, ‘We’re on easy street! I think we just won $100,000.’” He rushed to the store to meet her and see the ticket for himself.

They plan to use their winnings to pay off their auto and student loan debts and begin saving for the family. The 7-Eleven convenience located on Liberty Road in Eldersburg sold the lucky ticket.