‘Tar Heel Traveler’ Picks Up $100,000 Bingo X10 Win

Winner - Tar Heel Traveler

“Tar Heel Traveler’s” vacation plans resulted in a trip to Maryland and a Bingo X10 scratch-off ticket purchase, which yielded a $100,000 prize.

Hurricane damage done to beaches nearer to her High Point, N.C., home prompted a 65-year-old woman, self-described as a “Tar Heel Traveler,” to consider a different destination for this year’s ocean vacation. The result was good fortune: a $100,000 top-prize Maryland Lottery scratch-off win in the Bingo X10 game.

“Tar Heel Traveler” had pondered vacationing in Myrtle Beach, but the South Carolina resort was hit hard during this Atlantic hurricane season. Her son was living in Annapolis doing retail construction work, so Ocean City came into sharp focus as a vacation destination. On Friday, Oct. 12, while in Annapolis with her son, the “Tar Heel Traveler” stopped by the C Mart convenience store in the Annapolis Mall and picked up a $10 Bingo X10 instant ticket based on her son’s advice.

“I’m the coach,” he explained to Lottery officials.

“He knew there were a lot of winners still out” there, unclaimed in the game, added his mom. Indeed, even with her lucky win, there are still four of the six $100,000 top prizes awaiting discovery. Her son is a Lottery enthusiast who enjoys playing Keno as well as Mega Millions and Powerball. In addition, the “Tar Heel Traveler” plays a variety of games offered by the North Carolina Education Lottery. “I’m an equal opportunity player,” she said.

After claiming her $100,000 prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters, “Tar Heel Traveler” planned to head to the beach for a trip that would include “a couple of good dinners” added on as part of her Lottery winnings celebration. Beyond that, she plans to use the balance of the prize for her retirement. Her son also can expect a share, she said.

For selling a $100,000 top prize scratch-off, C Mart located at 1024 Annapolis Mall in Anne Arundel County also wins. The store earned a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery for the sale; the bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.