Targeting Expert Has Retirement in Sights after Multi-Match Jackpot Win

Winner - Mt. Airy Winner

A Navy veteran and targeting expert has retirement in his sights after winning the $2.35 million Multi-Match jackpot in the Oct. 4 drawing.

A Carroll County resident who worked on computer equipment that guides U.S. Navy pilots to their targets just scored a perfect hit on the Maryland Lottery Multi-Match jackpot. The targeting expert won $2.35 million in the Oct. 4 drawing and is setting his sights on a new goal — retirement.

The lucky Mt. Airy man bought several Multi-Match tickets on Oct. 3 at Carroll Liquors for the drawing. Thursday night, he was watching TV as the numbers were drawn. The loyal player had numerous tickets to check and was down to his final three when he came across the big winner.

“When I saw the numbers, I called my wife and checked it on the phone,” he said. The Lottery smartphone app confirmed his jackpot win.

“I’ve been shaking ever since,” he told Lottery officials as he and his wife claimed the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The lucky grandfather said he was so excited about his big win he was doing his happy dance and only slept for about two hours.

“I’m hurting today,” he said in a booming voice, followed by a hearty laugh.

The Multi-Match winner has worked all of his life, having started in the restaurant business at age 14. He joined the Navy and worked on a computer system known as the “highway in the sky” that is comparable to modern vehicle GPS systems. Ever since, the veteran has devoted his time to the computer industry. His wife expects to retire right away and our winner plans to follow her lead in a few years after they pay off outstanding bills.

Life as a retired Multi-Match winner will feature family time and beach trips. “We’ll be watching the grandkids,” he said. They’ll also take their truck and trailer – equipped with air conditioning, shower and a microwave oven – to sandy destinations from Ocean City to Myrtle Beach. “We rough it real hard!” he said.

The lucky winner selected the jackpot’s cash option, which results in an estimated payoff of $1.675 million, before taxes.

For selling the ticket with winning numbers of 6, 10, 13, 16, 23 and 25, retailer Carroll Liquors at 6 East Ridgeville Boulevard in Mt. Airy earned a $2,035 bonus from the Lottery.