Tax-Free Scratch-off Prize Goes to Baltimore County Fan

Hearing the words “taxes paid” was music to the ears of a carpenter from Baltimore County when he claimed a top prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Payday Doubler scratch-off. The taxes-paid game gives winners the entire $50,000 top prize.

“This is a very special time for me right now,” said the happy man. “I’m very fortunate and excited to finally win the Lottery. This never happens to me!”

The Middle River resident and a friend found Lottery luck last weekend. They had finished a long, rainy workday and decided to lift their spirits by testing their luck with Lottery games. The pair stopped at Club 7400 in Baltimore, which was the first Lottery retailer they saw on their way home. After winning and losing a few games, the scratch-off fan decided to play just one more instant ticket and then stop for the day.

He scratched off the $5 Payday Doubler game and saw that his luck had changed. He revealed five $5,000 matching numbers and five $5,000 cash symbols, which gave him his first big win of $50,000! The lucky man decided to play it cool. Even though he was excited, the player didn’t scan the scratch-off to verify his big prize. He just signed the back of the instant ticket walked out of the Lottery retailer as if he had failed to win. The happy player had a hard time waiting to claim his prize on Monday morning, when Lottery headquarters reopened its doors.

The 41-year-old plans to save the prize for the future. Joining in on his fabulous win is lucky retailer Club 7400 located at 7400 Pulaski Highway in Baltimore. For selling the winning top-prize scratch-off in the game, Club 7400 earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery. Congrats to both winners!