Tax Prep + Maryland Lottery Scratch-off = $50,000

Cynthia Barnes - Red Hot Riches_webCynthia Barnes (right) of Frederick and her sister Shauna Barnes celebrate Cynthia’s $50,000 win on the Maryland Lottery Red Hot Riches scratch-off.

Frederick Resident Claims Top Prize on Red Hot Riches Scratch-off

Cynthia Barnes of Frederick never figured that taking a break from crunching numbers for her 2013 income taxes could put $50,000 in her pocket!

She can thank her sister’s good taste for her good fortune. Shauna Barnes picked out a $5 Maryland Lottery Red Hot Riches ticket for Cynthia when the beleaguered sister suggested needing a scratch-off break from her tax prep.

With the scratch-off in hand, Cynthia cleared the game numbers. The 58-year-old told Lottery officials that she chanted the top-prize amount in a singsong voice up until the moment she uncovered the prize.

“I was literally speechless,” she said. The Frederick County resident called her sister over to confirm that she had actually just won the game’s top-prize of $50,000. Our happy winner spent the rest of the night calling friends and adjusting to the shock.

A senior computer operator with Visa, Cheryl plans to use the winnings to pay off her car, help with her upcoming moving costs and to treat her sister. The lucky ticket came from Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine at 9150 Rothsbury Drive in Gaithersburg. There are five $50,000 top prizes remaining on this scratch-off and 10 $5,000 second-tier prizes.