Tax-Time Thoughts Lead to Tax-Free Scratch-off Win

Baltimore man claims $50,000 prize on Biggest Taxes Paid Ever game

Biggest Taxes Paid EverWith the tax season in full swing and taxes on his mind, a 53-year-old Glen Burnie man who rarely plays Maryland Lottery scratch-offs had to look twice when he spotted a red, white and blue Biggest Taxes Paid Ever instant ticket on sale at a Baltimore retailer.

Did he feel lucky? Should he get that ticket? Could he win the last $50,000 tax-free prize on the popular scratch-off? Yes, yes and, although he didn’t know it immediately, yes!

“I had just gotten my taxes back and figured I’d splurge just a little after seeing the ticket,” said the man. The sanitation worker for more than 15 years bought several of the $5 scratch-offs from the Cash Bar retailer in Baltimore and quickly realized he’d won over $20.

Happy with his prize, the grandfather decided to take the money and run. However, as he got ready to leave the parking lot, he experienced a nagging feeling that he should buy four more Biggest Taxes Paid Ever tickets. The Anne Arundel County resident returned to the retailer to buy the tickets and took them back to his car. He only had to scratch a few lines on the first ticket to see it contained an extraordinary win. Yes! He had scratched his way to the top-tier $50,000 prize.

“I just can’t believe this,” the overjoyed winner said, explaining that he’s endured a tough time since the death of his wife of 28 years. “I feel like my late wife knew I was going through a hard time and guided me back to buy a few more tickets. It feels like she is still looking out after me. This is truly a blessing.”

The Lottery pays the taxes on the top prize on this ticket so he walks away with the total $50,000 prize. The lucky winner told Lottery officials that he plans buy a badly needed new vehicle and save some of the prize for his grandkids.