Teacher Claims 2nd Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 Prize

Faith in lucky numbers leads to $50,400 win

A Montgomery Village teacher who never lost faith in the power of his lucky numbers just won his second $50,000 top prize playing the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game.

The two-time top-prize winner also won twice on the same playslip for the Nov. 29 drawing. A second board of lucky numbers matched four of the five winning digits, adding $400 to his $50,000 jackpot.

“I have played the same numbers every single day for 10 years,” said the Montgomery County resident. His first big Bonus Match 5 win occurred years ago on a quick-pick playslip. When he has the cash, the father of one buys two $2 playslips with his lucky numbers and one $2 playslip of machine-picked numbers.

“I was broke that day,” he said, “and I could only buy one $2 ticket.” The 61-year-old waivered about what combination of numbers to play and then followed his intuition. His winning numbers were 9-10-11-16-28.

“I check my numbers every day on my phone,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the numbers so I checked them on my computer. They were still the same winning numbers!”

The instructor gave his wife, his adult son and his brother the good news. He plans to pay off bills with the winnings and put the rest in the bank.

He also plans to keep playing his two favorite Lottery games of Bonus Match 5 and Mega Millions. That’s great news for his favorite retailer, who received a $250 commission for selling the jackpot ticket. His lucky retailer is the Choice Market at 18700 Walkers Choice Road in Montgomery Village.