Teacher’s Hunch Pays Off with $22,003 Racetrax Prize

Baltimore player wins with Superfecta bet

After ignoring a Racetrax hunch and then seeing the horses win the race, a Baltimore teacher was determined not to repeat her mistake. She acted as soon as her next hunch came and bought the ticket she’d envisioned. Amazingly, that second hunch brought home a $22,003 win!

A fan of the Lottery’s animated horse-racing game, the 33-year-old had stopped playing until a month or so ago. “I love the game, but my luck with it disappeared so I didn’t play for a long while,” she told Lottery officials. “I just started again recently because I missed it.”

On a Thursday, our winner had a feeling that she should play a specific set of Racetrax numbers that popped into her head. “I could have gotten a ticket, but didn’t. Later, when I checked the morning’s results on my Lottery app, I saw that the sequence I’d been thinking about showed up three times. I was crushed.”

The city resident’s funk evaporated, however, when hunch No. 2 arrived. “The idea of a random Superfecta ticket popped in my head out of nowhere,” she said. “I was near a store so I bought a ticket good for 10 draws.” She placed a Superfecta bet at 8 Days a Week in Parkville and hoped that horses No. 4, 6, 12 and 3 would cross the finish line in that exact order.

Checking results later on the Lottery app, she found herself in shock. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she said. “My mom looked at it a bunch of times and together we figured out that it was real.”

Her reaction was immediate. “When we looked up how much the prize would be and saw that it was just over $22,000, my daughter collapsed,” said her mother. “She literally fell to the floor.”

Some of the winnings will go toward paying off college loans, the lucky teacher said, and she will share the rest with her family. “Mom and I will be finding a very nice place to have dinner tonight for our own celebration!” she said.

The teacher learned her lesson about respecting hunches with the help of 8 Days a Week located at 1700 Taylor Avenue in Parkville. The store will receive a $220.03 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 and up.