Tears of Joy Mark Mother-Daughter Team’s $30,000 Scratch-off Win

Claim top prize on Bingo! game

An unexpected turn of events left one member of an Essex mother and daughter scratch-off team in tears after they bought a $2 Bingo! instant ticket and a $3 scratch-off at Norman’s Liquors in Essex. The duo initially won $5 on the $3 ticket and then started scratching the Bingo! game.

“I noticed we had four corners and knew that was worth $100, so I went to scan it to confirm before finishing the ticket,” said the daughter. “When I saw it was too high to cash, I realized we had an ‘X’ and won $30,000!”

While in tears, she quickly ran out of the store to tell her mother they actually won $30,000.

“I thought something was wrong when I saw her crying,” said the 69-year-old mother, a retired state employee. “I figured she went in to scan it and realized it wasn’t a winner at all. After that, we just kept checking and checking the ticket.”

On their way to Lottery headquarters, they drove past the port of Baltimore and saw the cruise ships. They decided then that they may want to spend some of their winnings on a cruise. In addition, they plan to pay bills, fix a car and have an extra special Christmas with the rest of their family.

For selling a top-prize instant ticket in the game, Norman’s Liquors at 1701 Eastern Blvd. in Essex will receive a $300 bonus. The Bingo! game still has one $30,000 top prize remaining and thousands of others ranging from $2 to $1,000.