Temple Hills “Winning Dad” Claims Second Big Prize this Summer

$48,000 Keno_Winning Dad Again_webA second big win in two months comes to this Temple Hills “Winning Dad”!

Takes home $48,000 Keno Win

A lucky Temple Hills man is becoming very familiar with the drive to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Today marked the second time this summer that he made the trek to claim a large Lottery prize. This $48,000 win was courtesy of a Keno ticket he purchased on Aug. 12 at his favorite Lottery retailer, Best One Food Mart in Prince George’s County.

The lucky winner, nicknamed “Winning Dad,” claimed an $18,250 Racetrax prize on a ticket purchased at the same retailer.

This time, the self-employed father of two watched the Keno game at the store as his numbers, which are all birthdates of family members, appeared on the screen.

“I just love playing Lottery games,” said the 43-year-old with a big smile on his face. “The Lottery has been very good to me.”

“Winning Dad” recently purchased a house and plans to use his newfound windfall toward some home improvements, including redoing his basement.

This dad isn’t the only winner. For selling the lucky ticket, Best One Food Mart at 6306 Addison Road in Capitol Heights will receive a $480 bonus.