Ten Co-Workers Win Mega Millions Prize

Split Third-Tier $10,000 Subscription Prize

$10K Mega MillionsThey call themselves the “Lucky Lottery Ladies.”  The ten co-workers have been playing the Lottery together for over a year and have just won their largest prize yet.  On January 12th, they matched four white balls and the Mega Ball to win the third-tier $10,000 prize.

Seven ladies from the group stopped by Lottery headquarters today.  “We won $10,000, but this is just practice,” said Nina Morrison.  “We’ll be back for the big prize!”  Another member of the group, Pam Helmstetter, told Lottery officials her motto, which seemed to hold true, “Positive thoughts bring positive results.”

All of the ladies, who work for a local university, have plans for their piece of the prize.  The majority of the winners are ready to plan a vacation, one mentioned buying a lot of clothes and shoes, and a couple of winners placed the money in their savings.

The “Lucky Lottery Ladies” hail from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County.  They have subscriptions to both Mega Millions and Multi-Match.  They also plan to start playing Powerball, which began in Maryland on January 31st.