Ten Years After Life-Changing Prize, Powerball Delivers for Towson Resident

Lutherville retailer sells $50,000 winning ticket

It’s been a decade since a Towson resident celebrated a truly life-changing Lottery win, and now she’s won another big prize, courtesy of the Aug. 12 Powerball drawing.

Ten years ago, she won $250,000 and used the money to fulfill her dream of opening her own business. She has continued to play Lottery games occasionally over the years.

“I probably buy 20 tickets a year,” she said. “I’ll spend $3 and get a Powerball ticket and one for Mega Millions.”

A Powerball ticket that the Baltimore County grandmother purchased for the Aug. 12 drawing delivered a $50,000 prize. But the lucky lady had no idea what the amount of the prize was until she claimed it on Aug. 25.

“I had the ticket in the bottom of my purse,” she said. “I pulled it out when I cleaned a few things out of there and when I checked it at the scanner it said, ‘Cash at Lottery.’ I didn’t know what that meant.”

The 59-year-old quickly came to understand that the prize was too large to cash at a retailer, but she arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore “expecting it to be $500.” The shock was just beginning to settle in as she visited the Lottery’s Winners’ Circle room.

“This is going to let me exhale about bills I have due,” she said. “It’s such a gift to not have to worry so much.”

Her $50,000 prize was one of three third-tier wins in Maryland for the Aug. 12 Powerball drawing. She purchased the winning ticket at Button’s Liquor Store located at 2 West Ridgley Road in Lutherville. So far in 2017, Powerball has produced 51 third-tier winners – 44 winners of $50,000 and seven winners who multiplied the prize because they had added the Power Play option to their ticket for an additional $1.