Texas Man Finds His Lottery Luck Waiting in Maryland

Work brought Texan Wendall “Terry” Rushing to Baltimore and to his $100,000 winning Maximum Jackpot instant ticket.

Wins $100,000 playing Maximum Jackpot scratch-off game

Two years ago, Wendall “Terry” Rushing came to Baltimore to help build a power plant, carrying with him a duffel bag full of clothes and little else. He’ll return to his family in East Texas in about six weeks with a whole lot more, including a $100,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off prize.

“It was tough being away for so long, though I have enjoyed myself here,” said the quality control officer, “especially since January.” That was the month Terry picked out a Maximum Jackpot scratch-off at Chrome Dairy & Deli in Rising Sun.

“I carried it around with me in a knapsack for two weeks before I played it,” said the 50-year-old. “I worked the night shift then and liked having them to scratch during breaks.”

He studied the instant ticket and studied it some more, he said, trying to figure out if what he was seeing was true. “I’ve played these things for a long time, here and back home. I never, ever expected to win a prize this big.”

Once he was convinced he’d found a $100,000 win, the happy man asked a good friend at the plant to take a look, just to confirm the big win. “He’s the one that erased any doubt,” said the loyal scratch-off player. “We both broke into smiles, though, to tell you the truth, he was as happy for me as I was, maybe more.”

Terry’s family will be pleased to learn that he plans to take an extra month or two off before finding his next big project. “I can usually only relax for a week or so when a job gets done,” said the happy winner. “This will allow me to spend a good spell home.”

The Texas man’s $100,000 win captures the final top prize the Maximum Jackpot game had to offer. His lucky Cecil County retailer is also a winner. For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the $10 game, Chrome Dairy & Deli located at 221 West Main Street in Rising Sun will earn a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.