‘Thankful Winner’ Shares Joy of Heaping Helping of Lottery Dough

This “Thankful Winner” from Silver Spring claimed a $100,000 top prize on the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket game.

Turkey day trimmings can range from traditional to avant-garde but a Silver Spring man’s last-minute surprise dish raised a few family eyebrows. The 20-year-old served up an exciting story of his pre-Thanksgiving $100,000 scratch-off win.

The lucky man, calling himself “Thankful Winner,” found his luck with a $10 WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ scratch-off purchased as he rushed home Wednesday night. The Montgomery County man bought the lucky instant ticket at 7-Eleven #28838 in Silver Spring with winnings from another scratch-off. He could hardly believe his eyes when he revealed the number “one” with several zeroes trailing – a $100,000 top prize!

“Thankful Winner” rushed home to share the news with his immediate family. Word quickly spread to his extended family by social media, speakerphone and, eventually, around the Thanksgiving table. His relatives celebrated his unexpected good fortune.

The happy scratch-off player had lots of time over the long holiday weekend to think about how he might use the $100,000 prize. “Thankful Winner” told Lottery officials that it was time to save and plan for the future. “I have a baby on the way next year and I’m thinking about starting a business with my grandfather,” he said.

The popular WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ scratch-off has two $100,000 top prizes remaining. The game also features a second-chance promotion allowing players to enter non-winning scratch-offs from the game for a chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas and a chance to win up to $1 billion! The deadline to enter the final drawing is Jan. 7. Visit www.mdlottery.com/goldenticket for details.

Players looking for their own Golden Ticket can add our winner’s lucky destination to their GPS: 7-Eleven #28838 located at 11303 Lockwood Drive in Silver Spring. For selling the $100,000 winning scratch-off, the store earns a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.