Thanksgiving Scratch-off Gift Delivers $50,000 Bounty

Pasadena woman wins playing Cash Money Blowout game

199-Cash-Money-Blowout-ITVMRarely has a husband-to-wife holiday gift gone over as well as a Cash Money Blowout scratch-off given to a very busy wife at Thanksgiving.

The husband was pondering over just what small gift to bring home to make her smile when he remembered an important fact. His wife had enjoyed playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs in the past! The Pasadena man set off for Putty Hill Liquors in Baltimore and, unknowingly, selected the very scratch-off worth a $50,000 top prize!

Thanksgiving came and went, though, before his happy wife realized her luck. The 43-year-old beauty supply outlet employee had set the gift aside to enjoy after the holiday.

“I put it in a drawer to keep it safe and, to be honest, forgot about it for almost a week,” she said. When she remembered the gift and played the $5 game, the mom was at first unsure of the results.

“It was a new game to me so I wasn’t sure what I was seeing,” she said. The Anne Arundel County woman checked the ticket again using a Maryland Lottery app on her smartphone and realized she’d won. Surprised and overjoyed, the winner immediately called her husband.

“I was stunned,” said 2015’s husband-of-the-year. “My arms were covered by goose bumps.”

The couple’s son has experienced health issues in recent months so the $50,000 prize arrives at a great time. “The medical bills are starting to get away from us,” they said. “This changes that.”

Putty Hill Liquors at 7938 Belair Road also enjoys their win. The store receives a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off worth more than $20,000. Cash Money Blowout still has one more $50,000 top-prize winner in stores and four instant tickets good for the $5,000 second-place prize.