Thanksgiving Surprise for Forestville Man

$50,000 Bonus Match 5 Win with Taxes Paid

Bonus Match 5Working on Thanksgiving Day is a sacrifice that millions of Americans make every year (another thing for the rest of us to be thankful for), but for a Forestville man, being away from home on that special day was made a bit easier by a $50,000 win.  A quick Lottery purchase on the way to work and a quick look at the winning numbers online made Thanksgiving 2010 a memorable one.

Today’s winner, a concierge at a Washington, D.C. hotel, is a big Bonus Match 5 fan, playing several times a week.  On Thanksgiving morning he stopped by Lee’s Minimarket at 5400 Marlboro Pike in District Heights to get his ticket on the way to work.  The holiday was a busy time at the hotel and his work kept him occupied well into the evening.  He did find time, however, to check the winning Bonus Match 5 numbers on the Lottery’s webpage.  As number after number matched his ticket, the winner said, “I absolutely could not believe my eyes.”

He called home with the news but still had a few hours on his shift.  The time, he tells us, seemed to drag a bit as he looked forward to getting home to celebrate the holiday and the big win with his family.  The $50,000 win, taxes-paid due to a special promotion which was drawing to a close, will help with school bills and making this Christmas extra special for his daughter.