The “Big Six” Hit Big With Mega Millions

Group of Machinists - Mega Millions

Six Central Wholesalers Employees Claim Mega Millions Prize.

Group of Machinists Split $250,000 Second-Tier Mega Millions Prize

Though tired after getting off work at five o’clock this morning, six Central Wholesales co-workers from Laurel made their way to Lottery Headquarter to claim their $250,000 Mega Millions prize. To say they were excited is an understatement.

Dubbed the “Big Six” by group member, 38-year-old, Jerry Nyamadi, winners also included 50-year-old, T. McKinney; 42-year-old, Ralph Jackson; 32-year-old, Manuel Andersol; 29-year-old, Adarias Frazier; and 28-year-old, Daniel Roberts.

“We almost didn’t play that day,” said Nyamadi. He said it was McKinney who urged them to buy tickets for Tuesday night’s drawing and they eventually agreed. Members of the group vary for each drawing, but the lucky six just happened to be in the vicinity when Nyamadi was collecting money.

McKinney was the first to receive news of the win. “My wife actually called me and told me the numbers matched,” he said. “When I got to work, I told the group, but no one believed me until I showed them the winning numbers on the website.”

“It still has not sunk in,” said Roberts, who has a baby boy on the way–literally. “My girlfriend called this morning to say she was having contractions.”

The “Big Six” have various plans for their winnings. Roberts is going to use some for his new arrival. Jackson and Andersol may buy a car. Nyamadi will take a cruise and contribute to his church. “I’m going to splurge,” said Frazier with a big smile.

All concurred that they will enjoy peace of mind and that some of their winnings will go toward bills and savings. Group members will receive approximately $27,000 after taxes. The winning ticket was purchased at Pete’s Liquors located at 13462 Baltimore Avenue in Laurel.