The Case of the Itchy Hand

Construction Worker Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Jarvis Doughty - Bonus Match 5Jarvis Doughty of Baltimore, a construction worker relegated to home recently due to disability, visited Lottery Headquarters yesterday to claim $50,000 he’d won the previous night playing Bonus Match 5. His Wednesday had started out in much the same way as Tuesday and Monday, but that all changed when he reached for his morning glass of orange juice.

Lottery officials asked when it was that he realized he’d won and Jarvis said, “I knew it when I noticed that my hand was itchy.”  He continued, “Whenever my hand itches, I know my numbers hit.  It’s happened every time I’ve won.  It’s never wrong.”  When the itch kicked in, Jarvis quickly finished his breakfast and left immediately for the nearest Lottery retailer to collect the Bonus Match 5 winnings he knew he’d find there.  Jarvis’ itchy hand wasn’t wrong, but there was a surprise waiting for him.  “I knew I’d won, but I didn’t expect it was the whole thing, the whole $50,000.”

Jarvis plans to share his good fortune with his two daughters.  He also wants to visit Florida soon, maybe Disney World.  “I’ve been working my whole life.  I want to relax and enjoy a few weeks away,” he confessed.  The winning Bonus Match 5 ticket was purchased at the Nicolas & Celia grocery store, 1206 West Baltimore Street in Baltimore.