The Luck of the Irish Strikes Huntingtown Man

Kevin Farrell - Red Line Bingo Tripler

Huntingtown resident Kevin Farrell celebrates St. Patrick’s Day
a few days early with a $100,000 scratch-off win!

Wins $100,000 on Red Line Bingo Tripler Scratch-off

Maybe because St. Patrick’s Day was approaching and the winner is Irish or maybe because his birthday is coming up, either way, luck poured down on a 26-year-old Huntingtown man last Friday. Kevin Farrell played a variety of scratch-offs this morning, but the Red Line Bingo Tripler is the scratch-off that brought him a $100,000 top prize.

“I sat there in my car looking at the ticket in confusion,” said Kevin. “Even though the cashier told me to come to the Lottery, I still thought it was only $300.” But after further inspection, he realized it was much more. He first shared the news with his brother Michael and then other family members, none of which believed him.

Kevin wasted no time heading to Lottery Headquarters to claim his big win, but when he got here, he realized he did not have identification. “I had to wait a whole hour for my brother to bring it to me,” he said.

Kevin was recently laid off his job and said this win came right on time. He and a friend have plans of moving to Colorado and opening a retail shop, but Kevin didn’t have the money and was about to ask his parents to co-sign on a loan. “I don’t have to do that now,” he smiled.

The winner also plans to use his prize money towards some bills, get his credit up to par and help family. The winning ticket was purchased at Tuckers Liquors located at 8100 Old Alexandria Ferry Road in Clinton.