The Number Three Brings $100,000 Blessing for District Heights Man

The number three brought Lottery luck to the tune of $100,000 for Milton Price of District Heights.

Wins top prize on the $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off

A 56-year-old Prince George’s County man said he had a good feeling when he purchased a group of instant tickets last week. That good feeling led to his winning $100,000 on a popular scratch-off game.

Milton Price plays his favorite Lottery games weekly at the same spot, Meyers Liquors in Suitland. Last Tuesday, he played Mega Millions and purchased a group of scratch-offs including $100,000 Extreme Cash games. He took them home to play.

“I picked up that game because it caught my eye,” said Milton. “And, my favorite number is three, that’s why I bought three of them.”

The number three sure was lucky for Milton, because the third instant ticket carried the $100,000 top prize. “I didn’t know it right away, I kept looking at it over and over,” he said. “Then, I realized it was a winner.”

The lucky player said he was so excited he jumped up and went back to the store. He purchased four more games and won another $500. “I just thought let me get back up there,” said Milton. “There might be another big win behind it.”

After the excitement died down, the winner signed the back of his scratch-off and thanked God for his blessing. He made an appointment to claim his prize and did so at Lottery headquarters earlier this week. The landscaper, who also does home improvement projects, plans to purchase a house using some of his winnings and will save the rest.

Milton is not new to winning big bucks. In 2019, he shared a $50,000 Powerball prize with another player.

For its role in the big win, Meyers Liquors located at 3601 Old Silver Hill Road receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The $30 $100,000 Extreme Cash game is loaded with big prizes. Players can search for 31 more $100,000 top prizes along with 18 $5,000 prizes.